How it works?

Our team will engage with your organisation using our 4-step methodology to understand what outcomes you would love to achieve using Johari360°.

Understanding your ambition, goals, and strategy is vital for our team to design the bespoke evaluation for your organisation. Uniquely, we immerse ourselves in this stage, as this is critical for the assessment design and feeds the results in the insight delivered by the assessment report.

Once we have understood, we will select the competencies supporting your strategic goals, write the statements to support this, and consider the responders for each assessed person.

Once stages 1 and 2 are complete, we build a communication plan to set a context for the people involved in the Johari360° process. Each person must know what to do, whey they are doing and how to complete the assessment.

In the final stage, we analyse the report and schedule a 1:2:1 with the assessed person to deliver the findings through a facilitated session. Then, agree on subsequent actions and, where necessary, set up a facilitated session with the responders who contributed to the report to share feedback and discuss what is next.

We would love to have an intial consultation to understand how we could help your organisation. If you feel this could be of value to you, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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